In brainstorming ideas for baby names for our children, we have discovered that we really like names that were popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

Upon doing some research on our children’s names, we discovered that most of them had this camel “double hump” phenomenon: they were popular 80 years ago, dipped in popularity for a few decades, and now have become popular again.  Here is the search on our three girls’ names (

The funny thing is, my dad actually didn’t really love these names when we first presented them to him.  And with good reason: he was born in the 1940, and in his mind, these were names of older ladies.  It dawned on me that this would be the equivalent of when my daughters go to name their children, they make be excited names like Susan, Karen, Lisa, Barbara, etc. – names that were popular a decade before I was born that seem to be dated to me.


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