In the super popular TV Series Breaking Bad, one of the main characters is Skyler White, played by Anna Gun.  In the show (which aired 2008-2013), she is portrayed as a woman in her 30s or maybe 40s (she has a son who is in high school).  This means her character would have been born around 1970, or at the latest, 1980.  Also, in real life, Anna Gun was born in 1968.

This got me thinking about the name Skyler.  It seemed to me that it was only recently popular (in the last decade or two).  So, I did the search on Namer Famer (  Sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed: Skyler was not a very popular name in the US at all until 1980 when it started taking off.  Only about 5-15 people were named Skyler per year from 1955 to 1975, and those were all boys.  So, it basically impossible that there was someone named Skyler who was born in the timeframe Skyler White would have been born.  Also, I doubt Albuquerque, New Mexico (the location where the show is set) would have been the beginning of that trend!

I also check out alternate spellings like Skylar (, and it is pretty much the same thing.  All the notable people with the name Skyler or Skylar that come up (when you do the search) are from the 80s and 90s.

I even had a look at New Mexico instances of Skyler, and it was very low: there wasn’t anything before 1985, and only 5-10 per year through the 90s.


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