I may be too much of a cryptocurrency geek, but there was a popularly held idea in 2017 that the cryptocurrency Ethereum would overtake Bitcoin in total market cap.  It never happened (as you can see from the chart below), but it was referred to as the Flippening.

A similar phenomenon has happened with some boy and girl names over time.  In particular, in recent decades, it seems that many names that were traditionally male names have flipped and become more popular female names.

For example, have a look at Blair (https://namerfamer.com/search?fname=blair):

It was a fairly popular boy name through the 20th century, but then in 1980 it took off as a girl name.

I found a list of the most popular unisex names in the US at https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/there-are-922-unisex-names-in-america-is-yours-one-of-them and I decided to try a few out.

Many of these have changed over time to have higher incidences of females, but in most cases, didn’t experience a drastic flippening where it completely switched.  For example, Casey (https://namerfamer.com/search?fname=casey) and Riley (https://namerfamer.com/search?fname=riley) are just slightly more female at some points in time.  Jessie actually has had a few flippenings over the years where males and females changed the lead several times (https://namerfamer.com/search?fname=jessie):

From Blue to Pink

I looked through the list of boy names that have become dominated by girls over time at https://nameberry.com/blog/unisex-baby-names-names-that-morphed-from-blue-to-pink. I some that had drastic flippenings:

From Pink to Blue

There are also many cases where female names have become more male over time – see https://nameberry.com/blog/unisex-baby-names-going-to-the-boys.  I tried a few of these and had interesting results.  Some with the most drastic flippenings are:

It is definitely interesting to see a name have lead changes over time between males and females.  If you have interesting thoughts or examples of these, please mention them in the comments.


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